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Looking for a taekwondo martial arts training school in Chesapeake that teaches unique life development skills, martial arts, self-defense and many more with exceptional well-trained instructors? You've come to the right place. 

We are Grants Chesapeake Taekwondo & After School Center, a taekwondo martial arts center located in Chesapeake, VA. We focus on training in traditional taekwondo martial arts program for children, teens and adults. The center focuses on teaching self-defense, character building, physical fitness, and stress relief in a fun and safe environment. 

If you're looking for quality taekwondo martial art program, we have all you need to ensure that our taekwondo martial arts training enhances your spirit and life by training both your mind and body. We are also proud to offer Chesapeake’s #1 After School Martial Arts & Summer Camp Programs!

How Does Taekwondo Martial Art Training Impact Your Life?

Whether you want to make taekwondo a sport or make it one of your weight loss tactics, or discipline your children, our center has everything at hand to ensure that you achieve your goal. Our martial arts training program is focused on the art in order to make you maintain a healthy body and mind at the same time improve your defensive skills.

Benefits of Our Family Martial Arts Program

At Chesapeake TaeKwonDo and After School Center we offer martial arts training in traditional Tae Kwon Do that trains you to discipline the mind and body so they can work together for maximum strength.

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Family-oriented martial arts center!
We originally started tae kwon do for our son with another studio here in Chesapeake but felt a lack of personalization. Then, we found Grants Chesapeake Taekwondo. As a parent, the greatest concern is who you entrust your child to and does that person or organization adhere to the values that they promote. We have grown to trust Master Grant and the staff. It's truly a family atmosphere where your child will learn discipline, confidence, competitiveness, and other important virtues that bring success in life. The greatest joy as a parent is to watch your child grow. It's been so much fun to watch him barely get his leg up to kick to being able to snap it with power and grace. He's currently a 3rd degree black belt.
, Chesapeake, VA
Grants Chesapeake Taekwondo & After School Center is rated 5/5 based on 3 reviews.

Studies have shown that martial art lessons can help your child IMPROVE CONFIDENCE and DEVELOP LEADERSHIP SKILLS they need to SUCCEED IN LIFE. Most of all, they’ll gain the HIGH SELF-ESTEEM that is proven to result from martial art training as we teach in our EXCLUSIVE CHARACTER-BASED PROGRAM.

Taking taekwondo martial arts training is widely known for building confidence, self-defense, relieving stress, healing to lose and and control weight, improving coordination and balance, conditioning the heart and increasing endurance.

A Grand TaeKwonDo Family Martial Arts School in Chesapeake, VA

Did you know? ..Grants Chesapeake Taekwondo & After School Center in Chesapeake, VA has the largest and most state of the art martial arts facility in the area! Custom designed, this 2 million training center takes martial arts and after school programs to the next level with over 5,000 square feet of class room space, parents viewing area, free wifi, movie room, arts & crafts room and game room.

Our Martial Arts School Teaches Olympic Style Tae Kwon Do

Team Grant allows Martial Artists to take their Tae Kwon Do and sparring skills to the next level by teaching the Olympic Side of Tae Kwon Do. Team Members have a separate training schedule which runs from Sept to June. During that time Team Members will get the opportunity to compete in 1 to 2 tournament per month. 

Join our Taekwondo Martial Arts School Program in Chesapeake and develop personal life skills ranging from physical, mental to psychological skills.

For more info, contact Grants Chesapeake Taekwondo & After School Center today!

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Tae Kwon Do

Mon & Wed 4:30p - 9:30p Tues & Thurs 4:30p - 8:30p Fri 4:30p - 6:45p Sat 9:00a - 11:00a

Sparring Classes

Tues 6:45p - 7:30p Tues 7:30p - 8:15p (Team Only) Wed 6:00p - 6:45p Sat 10:00a - 11:00a

After School Program

Mon-Fri End of School Day to 6:30p

Private Lesson

Scheduled upon request. Call Master Grant at ­(757) ­410-­2353 to schedule a private lesson.

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Friendly instructors & staffs!
We are very comfortable at Grants TKD. There is a friendly atmosphere there and the Masters and Instructors are very knowledgeable. While discipline and order are a part of the instruction it is clear that htye care about the students and families. They work hard to help the students suceed. We look forward to watching both of the boys (ages 10 & 8) continue progress and develop their skills here.
, Chesapeake
Grants Chesapeake Taekwondo & After School Center is rated 5/5 based on 3 reviews.

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